Quinn the Fox Playing Cards


Introducing the Quinn the Fox Playing Cards – a labour of love that started as a pandemic distraction but turned into our crowning achievement. Each card is a work of art, painstakingly crafted over the course of 3 years with intricate details and hidden Easter eggs that only true Quinn the Fox fans will appreciate.

Printed in Cambridgeshire on hand-made stock and featuring a soft linen-like finish, these poker-sized cards provide the ultimate handling experience for magicians and playing card enthusiasts alike. The unique textured finish ensures that the cards move smoothly and evenly, allowing for effortless sleight of hand tricks that will leave your audience amazed.

But the attention to detail doesn’t stop there. The playing card box is just as impressive, featuring a stunning gold foil design that showcases all the suit symbols as mechanical devices on the back – a nod to our “Remake You + Me” series of prints.

With their unique design and impeccable quality, the Quinn the Fox Playing Cards are sure to impress anyone who loves magic, art, or simply appreciates a good game of cards.

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