How To Make a Cup of Tea

An American scientist recently sparked an international crisis by suggesting that the answer to how to make a perfect cup of tea was to add salt

The claim was so egregious that even the US Embassy was forced to issue a statement. Though, why we should be taking advice from a nation who thought the best way to serve tea was to throw it into a harbo(u)r is perhaps a debate best left for another day.

At Quinn the Fox, everything stops for tea. So, despite the fact we have a long list of other things to do, here is our DEFINITIVE guide on how to make the perfect cup of tea.

Step 1: How to find a good mug

A good mug is hard to find. It should be not too big but sturdy, with a fine, delicate rim. Fine bone china, such as our Quinn the Fox mugs, gives the best mouth feeling of course, but as long as the rim isn’t too thick and chunky, you should be fine.

A photo of two Quinn the Fox And The Kintsugi Forest Mugs, illustrating the type of mug to use for making the perfect cup of tea in our guide on how to make a cup of tea.

Step 2: What tea bag should I use?

Add your tea bag and sugar (if required). Your choice of tea bag will very much depend on your tastes and budget but even the most economical tea bags can give you a superior cup of tea so long as it is made properly.

Step 3: Add boiling water

The water should be poured into the mug THE MOMENT it comes off the boil. There’s nothing inherently wrong with boiling water in the microwave (derogatory), it’s just that by the time the timer has gone off, you’ve opened the door and got the water out, the water is already not hot enough. If your tea takes on the appearance of dishwater, this is usually due to the water not being hot enough.

Step 4: Milk

Add milk and squeeze the teabag. We can’t emphasise this enough – it turns an average cup of tea into the perfect elixir. Many have expressed distaste for our leaving the teabag in the mug before adding the milk but it allows the strength of the tea to be moderated. Too strong and you can add more milk, too weak and you can squeeze the teabag more.  We are nothing, if not accommodating. 

How do you like your tea?

An illustration showing a tea colour chart indicating different strengths of tea

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