Alternative Uses for Egg Cups

An eggcup takes something as simple as a soft‑boiled egg and elevates it to the centerpiece of a meal.

But egg cups don’t have to be just for eggs! Here are a few unconventional but ingenious ideas for our “Storm Surge” egg cups.

Ornamental Flower Holders

We love using our egg cups as charming, and unusual, flower holders. Fill them with delicate ornamental flowers and place them in the middle of your dinner table as casual and elegant centrepieces.

Cruet Set

Egg cups make great receptacles for condiments and dips. Dot a couple around a dinner table for instant elegance or place some around the living room the next time you’re watching your favourite Netflix show with a big bag of something crispy.

Cake Stand

When you’ve had a long week (or should we say year…) sometimes small acts of escape from everyday life are necessary. Enjoy afternoon tea at home with this ingenious cake stand made from tea saucers and egg cups from our “Storm Surge” collection. Securely balance an egg cup in between two saucers and there you are ‑ an instant cake stand. Now fill the cake stand abundantly with cakes, biscuits, scones and finger sandwiches and serve your favourite tea from our “Storm Surge” teapot. The hardest decision you’ll have to make is whether to put the cream on your scone first or the jam!


Spring is the best time of year to propagate houseplants and our “Storm Surge” egg cups make perfect planters for your little plantlets to establish and grow strong.

Working from Home

As more of us work from home, keep your desk tidy and organised by using our “Storm Surge” eggs cups as holders for small pieces of stationery such as drawing pins, staples and paper clips.

Want to try some of these ideas out – or perhaps you just want to use them for what they were made for, click the button below to shop our “Storm Surge” egg cups now.

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