Welcome! Come in, It’s Warm Inside.

After years of wandering in the wilderness and falling down countless rabbit holes, Quinn the Fox finally has a home! But this isn’t a sign of Quinn settling down, heaven forefend! This is just the beginning of a new adventure – and this time, we want you to come along with us. Welcome to the brand new Quinn the Fox blog!

Harlequin “Quinn” the Fox started life as a way to express the feelings we didn’t know how to express with words. A wanderlust fox seemingly unconstrained by the shackles of rationality, Quinn quietly observed and through his eyes, we vicariously learnt what it means to be human. Behind every impossibly vibrant and dream-like image, there was a story or a lesson to be learnt – sometimes the lesson was explicit but more often than not, it was masked by layers of analogy. In time, Quinn has become a beacon for over thinkers and illustration-lovers alike. This oscillation between beautiful imagery and multi-layered storytelling, not to mention a meticulous attention to detail, is the lifeblood that runs through everything we do, from the illustrations we post on Instagram to the products you’ll find in our shop.

Quinn has become a beacon for over thinkers and illustration-lovers alike

Never one to be overly loquacious for no good reason, Quinn’s blog will be a place for stories, recipes, fun activities, guides and general tips to help you live your best Quinn-tessential life, as well as new product announcements and some behind-the-scenes shenanigans sprinkled in for good measure – think back to those glorious Christmas annuals lost in the billowing mists of your childhood, that’s what we’re aiming for.

So for the newcomers who have just found out about Quinn the Fox, we hope you’ll enjoy finding out more, and for those who have been following Quinn’s adventures for a while, welcome home.

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