The New “Headwinds” Collection

A New Collection Blows This Way…

We are so excited to share with you a preview of our brand new collection, “Headwinds: A Collection for Rainy Days & Blustery Weather“.

When we first started to think about this collection earlier this year at Quinn the Fox, the idea was design a very small capsule collection of things to do on a rainy day: postcard writing, journaling, maybe some cosy socks to snuggle in etc. We wanted the collection to be entitled “Windswept” and each design would be inspired by the idea of wind and waves. It sounded very simple.

How naïve we were.

As we started to send the designs over to our various manufacturers in the UK, a (metaphorical) storm started to brew. With each product came new problems – “Sorry, we can’t print that, it’s too complex”, “Apologies, our factory is closed for the summer”, “I know you wanted black but that’s how the ink reacts with the paper you’ve chosen”. Revision after revision, it got to a point where we wondered if were part of some elaborate hoax or perhaps the gods were conspiring against us.

But we continued to brave the rain and here we are! We are very proud to present this brand new collection, which we have renamed “Headwinds” to remind us of all the gale force winds and storms of life that we had to contend with. The collection includes hardback and softback notebooks, socks, pencils, pencil cases, notecards and postcards. We won’t ruin the surprise by showing you everything but here’s a little sneak peek. We hope you like it!

Quinn the Fox Headwinds Chestnut hardcover notebook
Quinn the Fox socks
Quinn the Fox Headwinds Coral notebook
Quinn the Fox Headwinds postcard set

Go and check out the full “Headwinds” collection here!

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